Broiling tips

• When instructions call for broiling 4 inches from the heat source, this means 4 inches from the heating source to the top of the food. Use a ruler to judge properly.
• To make clean-up easier, spray the broiler and drip tray with cooking spray or cover with foil.
• Trim off excess fat to avoid flare-ups. Putting a slice of bread in the drip pan will soak up oil drips and also help to avoid flare-ups.


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Meats you should not freeze: Sliced meats such as bacon and lunch meat should only be frozen if they are vacuum packed. When not vacuum packed they can develop a rancid flavor within a matter of days or weeks.

For more information about food safety, please visit the sites below.

US Center for Disease Control & Prevention

FDA's Food Information & Seafood
Hotline: 888-723-3366

USDA's Meat and Poultry
Hotline: 800-535-4555