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Star Cares

Star Market Recycles

Like you, we do our best to recycle everything we can. Here are some of the results from our efforts:

Each month we recycle about 20 tons of cardboard from our Star Markets and Pharmacy locations.

That equals:

  • Enough energy to power 20 houses for 6 months
  • 343 trees saved
  • 141,470 gallons of water saved

We also recycle average of 4.42 tons of it!

That means we save:

  • 5.3 tons of raw materials to make new glass
  • 44.2 gallons of fuel (oil)
  • 8.84 cubic yards of landfill space

Year-to-date your local Star Market has:

  • Saved 34,690 trees

  • Saved 26.5 tons of raw materials to make new glass

  • Saved enough energy to power 100 houses for 6 months

  • Saved 707,350 gallons of water

  • Saved 221 gallons of fuel (oil)

  • Saved 44 cubic yards of landfill space

For more information about our Star Cares campaign, look at the front of our weekly sales ad or visit our Facebook album here.

The Facts

Recycling 1 ton of cardboard:

  • Saves 17 trees
  • Conserves enough power to run 1 house for 6 months (1000 sq.ft)
  • Saves 7000 gallons of water

Recycling 1 ton of glass:

  • Saves 1.2 tons of raw materials to produce new glass
  • Saves 10 gallons of fuel (oil)
  • Saves 2 cubic yards of landfill space

Star market recycles