This holiday season, Star Market and Star Discount Pharmacy will be gifting approximately $20,000 to their employees in two-dollar bills. Employees will be encouraged to spend the two-dollar bills with local Huntsville businesses to demonstrate how small businesses make a large impact in our communities. This will demonstate how the muliplier effect works in a local economy and how cash can recirculate within. We hope you get involved, and shop small! 

  • What is the MULTIPLIER EFFECT? The local multiplier effect (sometimes called the local premium) is the additional economic benefit accrued to an area from money being spent in the local economy.  This demonstration will highlight the multiplier effect made by local businesses showcasing how shopping local can return more than three times as much money back into the community versus chain competitors.  By spending their gift locally, Star Market and Star Discount Pharmacy employees will create an induced impact of the multiplier effect.

  • Did you know? Small businsesses return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales than chain competitors

  • Find a $2 bill? Take a photo with it and post it with the #local2hsv and keep spending it locally! 

Where should you spend it?

Here are some suggestions of local Huntsville places: